On a planet far away from Ilypso, an “advanced Earth” within our own Milky Way, someone witnesses a weird creature on a regular day. A humanoid monster that is out for blood seeking revenge.

When Dean Coles's favorite activity - getting pissed at a bar - gets interrupted by Admiral Olin Ghazi, the message is not to reprimand the astronaut's rebellious yet sarcastic personality this time.

He and his crew must fly to Theomia, Steel Alliance’s only place of harvest and solve the riddle...

...or all human life will starve to death.

However, getting closer to the Theomians, they notice an unexpected calmness instead of fear. 

Hidden bodies and some weird rituals are only the tip of the iceberg...

With danger lurking at every corner and a crew member mysteriously falling ill, Dean must quickly uncover the truth...or gather his friend in pieces.

Avalon is the first book in Sovereignty, a space opera series that combines badass (and kind of cute!) characters with intergalactic awesomeness. If you like kick-ass fights, ugly (come on!) humanoids, mysterious ceremonies and clever sense of humor, you’ll definitely love this book by Jon Stuart Flynn.

Pick up Avalon to discover the first mission of this amazing series today!

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